Great Zelda Cosplay [pics]

August 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

I love some awesome Legend of Zelda cosplay and this definitely fits in that description!  Although they aren’t in the trademark green that Link always wears, these two rather attractive girls have done a great job with their Link cosplay.  Personally, I find the pointy ears to be rather cute.  I can’t say they went quite as far as the AMAZING Zelda cosplay I posted over on Global Geek News last week, but they still did a great job!  Now if only these girls were wearing the Legend of Zelda bathing suit…  More pictures at the via link below!

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Sexy Link Cosplay

Sexy Link CosplayMore Sexy Link Cosplay

More Sexy Link Cosplay

More Sexy Link Cosplay

Awesome Legend of Zelda Cosplay

Awesome Legend of Zelda Cosplay

[via MMOSite]

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