Portal P-Body and Atlas Cosplay [pic]

December 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

When it comes to Portal cosplay, Chell seems to be the most popular but due to the simplicity of the costume, isn’t nearly half as impressive as this fantastic P-Body and Atlas cosplay.  I don’t know who the two people in this cosplay are, but they should definitely be nominated for best cosplay of the year!  I wish I knew more about this cosplay but all I know is what is seen in the picture.  If anybody knows more about this like who these people are and what event they are dressed up for, let us know in the comments!  If you have any awesome cosplay pics, send them to pcnerd37 [at] globalgeeknews.com

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Portal P-Body and Atlas Cosplay

Portal P-Body and Atlas Cosplay

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