Female 11th Doctor and TARDIS Cosplay [pic]

Matt Smith might not be my favorite Doctor (David Tennant is) but it amazes me how he was able to turn the fez into this Doctor Who icon even though I believe it was only in one episode.  Anyway, DeviantART user janey-jane (The girl in the TARDIS dress) is apparently a big Doctor Who fan and decided to make these awesome 11th Doctor and TARDIS costumes for a sci-fi convention back in November.  It might sound kind of strange, but I think this is the first time I have ever found the TARDIS to be sexy.

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Doctor Who 11th Doctor and TARDIS Cosplay

Doctor Who 11th Doctor and TARDIS Cosplay

[Source:  DeviantART via Absurdly Nerdly]

4 thoughts on “Female 11th Doctor and TARDIS Cosplay [pic]

  1. So basically you’re admitting to not being a true Doctor Who fan then? The Fez was in 2 episodes, and the Tardis was certainly sexy in the episode ‘The Doctor’s Wife’. As for preferring Mary Sue, sorry I mean the 10th doctor, to Matt Smith’s incarnation, you’ve certainly shown you have little understanding of the character himself. NewWho fans irritate me so much, they think the sun shines out of Tennant’s arse.

    • Fans of Doctor Who who try and put down other fans to seem like a better fan irritate me so much. Seriously just let people enjoy a brilliant show.

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