Funny Naked Sims Cosplay [pic]

May 3, 2012 — 1 Comment

I always found it kind of funny that whenever one of The Sims characters had to do something like go to the bathroom or take a shower, their body’s were pixelated out so you couldn’t see any of their private bits.  I understand it since they didn’t want them to be M rated games but I still think it was a little silly, however not as silly as the Sims free play game on the iPad where they just take a shower in their bathing suit.

Anyway, this girl who clearly has a fantastic sense of humor decided to turn this funny idea into an awesome costume and made the idea of pixelated bodies even funnier!  Unfortunately, I have no idea who she is to give her credit.

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Naked Sims Pixelated Body Cosplay

Naked Sims Pixelated Body Cosplay

[via Dorkly]

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