Link Cosplayer Playing the Nintendo DSi [pic]

June 29, 2012 — 1 Comment

Have you ever wondered what Link (from the Legend of Zelda franchise) is doing when he is not out saving Princess Zelda?  Well, apparently Link’s free time is spent playing on the Nintendo DSi!

This impressive female Link cosplayer goes by the name Suzuki while the photographer goes by the name of Eyes.  I would have to see the rest of the costume and get a better look at the sword to be sure, but I think this is perhaps the best female Link cosplay I have seen!  However, it seems kind of odd (yet completely awesome) to take this picture with Super Mario Bros wallpaper in the background.  I don’t know where you get wallpaper like that, but I want it for my bedroom!

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Female Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay

Female Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay

[Source:  Tri-Heart via Cosplay Blog]

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