Impressive Mary Jane Cosplay [pic]

When it comes to cosplay, you almost never see comparison pictures of the cosplay next to the original.  Well, you do in this case and it makes this Mary Jane cosplay ever cooler!

Stacy of Gotham is the awesome cosplayer striking the pose in this impressive Mary Jane cosplay picture.

Since this is a rare occasion where the cosplay picture is compared to the original, how about we play a little game?  Lets see who can list the most number of differences between the pictures in the comments below!  I will get you started with two differences that are pretty obvious, the lack of the table in the cosplay picture and the position of her left foot is different compared to the original.  Now your turn!

Pass this along to any Spider-Man fans you know!  Like Fanboy Fashion on Facebok too!

Mary Jane Cosplay

Mary Jane Cosplay Comparison

[Source:  Stacy of Gotham via Geeks are Sexy]

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