Hand-Painted Zelda High Heel Shoes [pic]

Women keep telling me that high heel shoes can be comfortable, but I just can’t understand how when your foot is contorted in such a manner.  I can’t even wear cowboy boots with a one inch heel because they make me walk funny and hurt my feet.  Well, for those women that do like to wear high heels and have a love for the Legend of Zelda, I have found the heels for you!

Etsy seller magicbeanbuyer is selling these awesome hand-painted Legend of Zelda high heel shoes for $75.  However, I need to clarify that you aren’t getting the shoes for this price, you are just getting the Legend of Zelda paint job.  You have to send the Etsy seller your own pair of heels and then for the $75, they will give them a hand-painted Zelda look like the ones pictured below, so keep that in mind!  If you have some heels you want to do that to, go for it!

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Hand-Painted Zelda Heels

Custom Hand-Painted Legend of Zelda Heels

[Source:  Etsy]

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