Custom Designed Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Sneakers [pic]

If you are the kind of person that loves to show off their passions and one of those passions happens to be Doctor Who, then I have the shoes for you!  Check out these amazing Doctor Who TARDIS Converse All Star shoes!

Etsy seller WibblyWobblyShoes (definitely an appropriate name for somebody that sells TARDIS shoes) is selling these custom Doctor Who TARDIS Converse shoes for $115.  The best part is that you can specify the size you need and have these shoes made just for you!  However, since these TARDIS shoes are custom made, apparently they can take up to 6 weeks to ship although if you order now, you should still have them in time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

I’m very tempted to order a pair for myself as it is about time for me to get some new shoes, although I have always been a New Balance guy and I don’t know if I would like Converse All Star sneakers or not.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Shoes

Doctor Who TARDIS Sneakers

[Source:  Etsy]