Futurama Slurm T-Shirt [pic]

September 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

Although there is plenty of tough competition, I have to say that Futurama is my all time favorite cartoon.  Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many t-shirts out there that would allow me to sport my love for the sci-fi cartoon.  However, at least there is a Slurm shirt that is available!

The awesome folks over at BustedTees are selling this Futurama inspired Slurm shirt for $20.  Slurm might be the most disgusting drink in the galaxy, but at least you don’t have to worry about this shirt coming out of a giant slug’s butt.  I hope.

If you are a Futurama fan and don’t buy this shirt, then I invite you to bite my shiny metal ass!

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Slurm T-Shirt

Futruama Slurm T-Shirt

[Source:  BustedTees]

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