Spectacular Catwoman Cosplay [pic]

October 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

Perhaps one of the best things about all of the Batman movies, tv shows and video games over the years is that they seem to inspire some pretty spectacular cosplay.  In the not so distant past, I posted some pretty great Catwoman cosplay from Batman: Arkham City and while I still think it was great, I think this Catwoman cosplay inspired by the Batman Returns Catwoman blows it out of the water.

Reddit user MonocleComplex made this stunning Catwoman cosplay for wearing at her sister’s Halloween party and I’d say she did a fantastic job with it!  She didn’t mention just how long this took to make, but I’d say it was time well spent!  Comparing this to a picture of the costume from Batman Returns, I would say this Catwoman cosplay is purrrfect!

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Catwoman Cosplay

Batman Returns Catwoman Cosplay

[Source:  Reddit]

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