DIY Mario Kart Blue Shell Hat [pic]

January 31, 2013 — Leave a comment

I am one of those guys who never leaves the house without a baseball cap on.  For some reason, I just feel naked if I leave the house without a hat on although I suppose the real purpose is to help keep the sun out of my rather light sensitive eyes.

While I am all for wearing video game related hats (I am wearing a Legend of Zelda hat with a ton of Hylian Crest symbols all over it as I type this), I think I might feel a tad silly wearing this Mario Kart blue shell hat.  It may be cool but the last thing I need is to give my co-workers another reason to give me more crap.

However, if you think you would look awesome in a Mario Kart inspired Blue Shell hat like this (and work somewhere that you won’t get teased for it), you can make your own!

Instructables user Sam DeRose has created a guide on how to create your own Mario Kart Blue Shell hat.  While I don’t posses the crafting skills to make something like this myself, hopefully some of you do and decide to make one.  If you do, I want to see pictures!

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Mario Kart Hat

Mario Kart Blue Shell Hat

[Source:  Instructables via it8bit]

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