You Have Died of Dysentery Oregon Trail T-Shirt [pic]

One of my favorite PC games as a kid was Oregon Trail.  I played it a ton in elementary school (it was pretty much the extent of our computer education back then) as well as at home when I had nothing better to do.  Although the game has been remade many times over the years for modern computers and even cell phones, there is nothing quite like the old DOS classic.

For those who also share fond memories of the classic history based game, I suggest you get this awesome Oregon Trail t-shirt!

The retro loving nerds over at 80sTees are selling this You Have Died of Dysentery Oregon Trail shirt for just $20.  If you remember the times you died of dysentery during a game of Oregon Trail, you need this shirt!

Younger generations may not understand this shirt but it will be an instant conversation starter for those of us who have been around for at least 20 years and loved computers in our younger years.

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Oregon Trail Shirt

Oregon Trail You Have Died of Dysentery Shirt

[Source:  80sTees]

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