11th Doctor Cosplay and a TARDIS Llama. Yes, You Read That Right

March 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

Update (1-5-17):  This post might be a few years old but the awesome Whovian in this picture (Caitlin Thiele) just sent me an email saying that this was her and her 4-H llama Princess.  We finally know who they are!  Thanks Caitlin!

Original Post:

Doctor Who cosplay is quite common these days whether it is some amazing TARDIS cosplay or some Weeping Angel and Dalek cosplay.  However, until now, I don’t think I have ever come across any Doctor Who cosplay that has involved an animal.  Actually, it seems like I saw a corgi dressed as the 11th Doctor at one point but this is definitely the first time I have seen a llama dressed in cosplay before.

I’m not sure who this person is or the name of the llama, but they make a great pair in this Doctor Who cosplay!  The 11th Doctor cosplay is quite good but I am more blown away by the llama in TARDIS cosplay.  I guess I am now one step closer to having seen everything.

If anybody thinks they can do better than a TARDIS llama, I want to see it!  I am really hoping somebody is able to dress an elephant in a TARDIS costume because that would be cool.

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Doctor and Llama TARDIS Cosplay

11th Doctor and Llama TARDIS Cosplay

[Via:  Reddit]

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