Awesome Hand Painted Doctor Who Sneakers [pic]

Thanks to the material my shoes are made of, any real cool customizations just aren’t possible which makes me kind of sad, but I still enjoy seeing the works of art that people make out of their shoes.  In this particular case, I stumbled across some really cool hand-painted Doctor Who shoes featuring the TARDIS and the 10th and 11th Doctor.

These fantastic painted Doctor Who shoes which features the TARDIS and the 10th and 11th Doctor’s clothing was posted on Facebook by Post Pond Depression.  Their mom made them for them and I think they turned out great!  Unfortunately, I think when you get laces in these shoes, I think it will kind of ruin part of their Doctor Who charm.

I wish you could buy shoes like these somewhere because I would love to have a pair.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Shoes

Doctor Who Shoes

[Source:  Post Pond Depression]

2 thoughts on “Awesome Hand Painted Doctor Who Sneakers [pic]

  1. Actually I was the original creator of these shoes- with a few minor changes lol. GallifreyanMarket @ I use Vans now and they are laceless with elastic to hold the tongue in place 🙂 I have made almost all the Doctors and am doing companions now, way to much fun to get to make DW stuff as a job and a hobby!! I geek 24/7. Latest are Harry Potter and I’m working on Serenity now.

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