Adorable Handmade Legend of Zelda Link and Zelda Earrings [pic]

While I will admit that women who have a have so many ear piercings there is more metal on the side of their head than ear tend to scare the crap out of me, I appreciate girls with a single earring that dangles from their lobes.  I think it looks much classier and far more attractive.  To each their own I suppose but that is the way I have always felt.  Anyway, speaking of earrings that dangle from your ears, I have found a pair of really cute Legend of Zelda ones that Link and Zelda fans are sure to love!

Etsy seller Pixelosis is selling this set of handmade Legend of Zelda Link and Zelda earrings for just $25.  When you order, you will have your choice of two Link earrings, two Zelda earrings or one of each like in the pictures below.  For those curious how these are made, they are made by weaving one tiny Japanese Miyuki Delica Seed Bead together at a time with a needle and thermally bonded Wildfire bead weaving thread.  Not having any experience with bead stuff, that doesn’t really mean anything to me but it sounds fancy.

If you decide to order a pair, send us a picture of you wearing them!

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Link and Zelda Earrings

Legend of Zelda Link and Zelda Earrings

[Source:  Etsy via it8bit]

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