Doctor Who TARDIS Kilt

With as hot and sweaty as it gets here in Colorado during the summer, I have secretly thought that wearing a kilt during the summer would be a good idea because it would be a lot more comfortable than wearing jeans all the time.  Of course with where I work, its not exactly practical or safe to wear one and I’m sure I would get a lot of crap for it but if it was something I could wear at my job, I would love to wear one and I would totally wear this TARDIS kilt!

The folks over at Kilt This are selling these custom TARDIS utility kilts starting at $450.  This TARDIS utilikilt comes with 2 large pockets, 3 additional containers, an apron sporran, and D-rings.  Of course if thats not good enough for you, there are some upgrades for a higher price that you can get like fleece lining and inner pockets among other things.

If you happen to order one of these amazing TARDIS kilts, make sure to wink when you tell people that its bigger on the inside.  😉  Oh, and share pictures with us of you sporting this fantastic kilt!

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[Source: Kilt This via Neatorama]

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