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Its kind of an odd feeling being pretty much the last one of all of your childhood friends to still be single while all of the others are married and trying to compete with rabbits to see how many babies they can have.  It does give me a bit of a unique perspective in that from what I have seen, almost none of my pregnant female friends seem to be really embracing their pregnancy and taking advantage of it while it lasts.

What do I mean my taking advantage of it?  I mean doing fun things with the baby bump like painting it to look like Yoshi hatching from his egg like in the picture below!

I’m not sure who this lady is (if you know, please let us know in the comments so we can give her credit), but apparently she let her husband paint a hatching Yoshi from the Super Mario universe on her baby bump.  I’d say it turned out pretty awesome although the bruise on her arm makes me wonder if she did this willingly.

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Yoshi Painted Pregnant Belly

Yoshi Painted Pregnant Belly

[Via Obvious Winner]

While the internet seems to be obsessed with Poison Ivy cosplay lately (such as the steampunk Poison Ivy cosplay I posted last week), I thought it would be fun to post some super sexy Batgirl cosplay instead!  And of course there is no sexier way to do Batgirl cosplay than with body paint!

Model / cosplayer Amber Deville is the sexy woman sporting this fantastic Batgirl cosplay.  From the looks of it, other than the boots, cape, mask, ect., I am pretty sure the rest of the “costume” is body paint which looks pretty darn good!

The pictures were taken by photographer Ben Britt who I would say did a pretty good job even though the backgrounds are pretty obviously photoshopped in.

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Batgirl Body Paint Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Body Paint

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

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Generally speaking, I avoid posting NSFW stuff on all of my blogs because I like for people to be able to catch up on the stuff I post when they have a few minutes of downtime at work or they are around family and friends.  If there is something that just blows me away, I will make an exception but that almost never happens.

However, today is one of those days where I am going to make an exception so if you are at work or around rather conservative family members and friends who might not approve of bodies in basically nothing but body paint, I would surf away now.

If you are still here, then I have some super sexy Miranda Mass Effect body paint cosplay you are going to love!

Model Leeshe is the super hot cosplayer sporting some rather spectacular body paint in these pictures.  These pictures came from a photoshoot with photographer Joey Demarco (the same guy behind the amazing Harley Quinn body paint pictures I posted last week) for his upcoming 15 Shades of Geek 2013 calendar which will feature all kinds of amazing and geeky body paint pictures.  I definitely want to order a calendar when they come out judging by these pictures!

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Miranda Mass Effect Body Paint

Miranda Mass Effect Body Paint Cosplay

Miranda Mass Effect Body Paint Squat

Miranda Mass Effect Body Paint Cosplay Squat

Miranda Mass Effect Body Paint Back

Miranda Mass Effect Body Paint Cosplay Back

Miranda Mass Effect Body Paint Front

Miranda Mass Effect Body Paint Cosplay Front

[via Fashionably Geek]

Although I occasionally come across some body paint that is very well done, I am generally not a huge fan of it compared to actual clothes.  I suppose some guys like it because you are basically looking at a naked lady but with the paint covering everything up, it just doesn’t do it for me.  However, this is one of those times when the body paint is beyond amazing!

This spectacular Harley Quinn body paint is being sported by Abby Tymchakers for Joey D’s (the photographer) upcoming 2013 body paint calender.  I’ve never considered buying a body paint calender before but this Harley Quinn body paint (done by Allyson Averell) is so good that I might just buy one!

When I hear that the calender has gone on sale, I will update this post for anybody interested in buying one.

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Harley Quinn Body Paint Cosplay

Harley Quinn Body Paint

Harley Quinn Body Paint Cosplay

Harley Quinn Body Paint

Harley Quinn Body Paint Cosplay

Harley Quinn Body Paint

[Source:  GeekXGirls]

Without a doubt, my all time favorite video game character is Kratos.  Sure, I may have more of an emotional attachment to characters I grew up with like Mario or Sonic, but I have yet to come across a video game character more badass than Kratos.

Well, it seems I am not the only one that is a big fan of the slayer of the gods by the looks of this amazing Kratos cosplay!  If this guy was a little more muscular, I would say he would be the perfect Kratos but even if he isn’t as jacked as the video game character, he still looks amazing!

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God of War Kratos Cosplay

God of War Kratos Cosplay

[Source:  DeviantART]