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Are you one of those Super Mario Bros fans that loves to cook?  Well, then I have found the perfect cooking apron for you!  Meet the Boo cooking apron!

Etsy seller darkballoons is selling this cute Super Mario Bros inspired Boo cooking apron for $70.  I think part of the charm of this Boo apron is the little arms that you can use to cover Boo’s eyes in case anybody looks at you while you are wearing it.  Magnets hold the arms in place covering the eyes so you don’t have to worry about looking stupid holding the arms there whenever you need to cover Boo’s eyes.

This Boo cooking apron is made to order so if you do order one (and I really think you should), you will have to wait a couple of weeks for it to ship.

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Boo Cooking Apron

Super Mario Bros Boo Cooking Apron

[Source:  Etsy]