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When most people think of Iron Man, they think about the seemingly indestructible suit of armor.  Well, I think it is time to get that image out of your head and think about an Iron Man cocktail dress instead!  It might not be as practical in a fight, but probably score you some drinks at the bar from fellow Iron Man lovers.

This Iron Man cocktail dress was originally designed by Kelsey Michelle, but it was DeviantART user Spwinkles that took the initiative to actually make the dress.

I’d say the dress turned out amazing!  I love how even the heels are Iron Man themed.  This is definitely a cool twist on Iron Man cosplay and I hope more great cosplay ideas get turned into cocktail dresses in the future because this is amazing!

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Iron Man Cocktail Dress Cosplay

Iron Man Cocktail Dress

[Source:  Spwinkles via Fashionably Geek]