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When you think about it, the Cybermen are already kind of halfway to being steampunk, they just lack the coloring, gears, gauges and other typical steampunk things.  Well, one cosplayer decided to take his Cyberman cosplay the rest of the way toward steampunk and he came up with this absolutely amazing looking steampunk Cyberman cosplay.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who this handsome gentleman is that is sporting this incredible steampunk Cyberman cosplay (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give him credit for his amazing costume), but he was spotted recently at DragonCon in Atlanta by Jen of Epbot who took this picture.

I’ve seen a lot of steampunk style cosplay in the past but I think this is my favorite.  If my memory is correct, it is definitely the most detailed.  I wish I had the costume making skills this guy does because I would love to sport something similar at my local sci-fi conventions.  I am really curious to know just how long it took him to make something that looks this good?

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Steampunk Doctor Who Cyberman Cosplay

Steampunk Cyberman Cosplay

[Source:  Epbot via Neatorama]

There are times I wish I was one of those really clever geeks who are able to see obscure similarities between things and tie them together in a really interesting way.  I’d say that thanks to my time on Reddit, my skills in that area have improved a bit but they still aren’t sharp enough to come up with something as clever as the shirt below combining the Cybermen from Doctor Who and their love of the word “DELETE” with the ol’ three-finger salute for fixing computer problems.

The nerdy folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this Cyberman Ctrl Alt Del shirt for $19.99 (up to $21.99 for larger sizes).  This shirt combines a Cyberman with the computer keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + del in a really clever way with the Cyberman taking place of the delete key.

As a serious computer nerd and Doctor Who fan, this is definitely one shirt I will be adding to my wardrobe!

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Doctor Who Cyberman Ctrl Alt Del T-Shirt

Cyberman Ctrl Alt Del Shirt

[Source:  ThinkGeek]