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Once in a great while, I get the urge to play a little Diablo III and I recently had one of those urges hit me so a couple of weeks ago I finished yet another play through of Diablo III.  It seems to get easier every time I play it but it is still a lot of fun and a good story.  Well, speaking of Diablo III, I would say that judging by this amazing Demon Hunter cosplay, I am not the only one who still enjoys the game.

This stunning Diablo inspired female Demon Hunter cosplay pictured below was created by Tessa Kristine Cosplay.  Perhaps the most amazing thing is that this is only her second cosplay!  With as good as this looks, I would think that she is a veteran of the cosplay world.

Speaking of Demon Hunter cosplay, if you like this, you should check out the previous female Demon Hunter cosplay I posted about.  And if that still isn’t enough for you, do a search for Diablo cosplay on the right to see all of the amazing Diablo cosplay I have posted about in the past.

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Diablo III Demon Hunter Cosplay

Diablo Demon Hunter Cosplay

Diablo Female Demon Hunter Cosplay

Diablo Female Demon Hunter Cosplay

Diablo III Demon Hunter Cosplay

Diablo III Demon Hunter Cosplay

[Source:  Tessa Kristine Cosplay via Geek x Girls]

One of my favorite PC games from last year was Diablo III.  I hadn’t played any of the other Diablo games prior to playing it so I can’t say I am some sort of Diablo fanatic, but I did really enjoy Diablo III.  I found it to be one of the more challenging games I have played lately and it looked quite good.  Speaking of Diablo III and looking good, I found some spectacular looking female Demon Hunter cosplay!

Cosplayer and DeviantART user SpcatsTasha is the girl in this picture sporting some stunning female Demon Hunter cosplay from Diablo III.  I’d say her costume and crossbow are quite impressive.  The photography is pretty good too which was taken by somebody by the name of Sinme.

I think if she teamed up with the female Barbarian cosplayer I posted last week and the female wizard cosplayer I posted back in October, they might have a chance at defeating the Diablo cosplayer I posted a year ago.

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Demon Hunter Cosplay

Diablo III Female Demon Hunter Cosplay

[via Cosplay Blog]

One of my favorite games from 2012 was Diablo 3 and one of my favorite things about games like that is that it inspires some rather fantastic cosplay.  In the past, I posted some amazing female Wizard cosplay inspired by Diablo 3 and a mind blowing and terrifying Diablo cosplay but this is the first time I have come across any female Barbarian cosplay.

Cosplayer and DeviantART user lyeric is the woman sporting this fantastic Diablo 3 female Barbarian cosplay.  I would say she looks like she is ready to do battle against Diablo but I don’t think I would want that much exposed skin going into battle, especially on the upper arms because if you get sliced through there, the arm is pretty much useless.  It still looks cool though!

The photographer that took this cool Diablo 3 cosplay picture is Brennan Clouatre.

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Female Barbarian Cosplay

Diablo 3 Female Barbarian Cosplay

[via Cosplay Blog]

I’ve seen some rather impressive and impractical cosplay before but this one puts them all to shame.  A Diablo fan by the name of Joshua Smith apparently got bored of just waiting for Blizzard to release Diablo 3 so he decided to put his time to good use and make this phenomenal Diablo 3 cosplay.  This giant costume apparently took two weeks to make and is sure to give nightmares to anybody who crosses paths with it.  The costume is quite terrifying but when you see the eyes light up, you are seriously risking being scared to death, especially if it is walking in your direction.

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Scary Diablo 3 Cosplay

Scary Diablo 3 Cosplay

[via TechEBlog]