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It is getting to the point that I really wish people would stop making such awesome Doctor Who shirts.  Thanks to my giant Doctor Who shirt collection, I have outgrown my closet and I am running out of places to put my clothes.  If people keep designing more amazing Doctor Who shirts like the Time Traveler shirt design below, I’m going to have to seriously think about converting my two car garage into a giant closet.

For those who just can’t get enough Doctor Who shirts like me, the awesome folks over at TeeFury are selling this fantastic Time Traveler t-shirt designed by kharmazero for just $11 today only!  You can get the shirt in black, navy or royal blue but I think the design looks best on black.  I think it appears to lose some of the detail and sharpness on the navy and almost looks washed out on the royal blue so I know that I will definitely be getting the black but to each their own.

If you are looking for a cool Doctor Who shirt to wear for all of the 50th anniversary excitement, you can’t go wrong with this shirt!  I buy probably 90% of my shirts from TeeFury including the 10th Doctor shirt I am wearing right now and I can attest to the high quality of the shirts, especially for the incredible $11 price!

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Time Traveler T-Shirt

Doctor Who Time Traveler T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

It never ceases to amaze me how many people come up and talk to me just because of the Doctor Who shirt I happen to be wearing at the time (I have a closet full of them).  Just yesterday, I was picking up lunch at a fast food chain when a girl that I guess was probably around 9 years old came up to me and wanted a high five just because of the Doctor Who shirt I was wearing.  Her father was also equally impressed with the shirt (one of the collaborative works between artists Megan Lara and Omega Man 5000) and also complimented me about it.

If you would like to have that kind of random connection with fellow Doctor Who fans, I think this shirt featuring all 11 Doctors might just be perfect for you!

The awesome folks at TShirtBordello are selling this fantastic 11 Doctors t-shirt for just $14.99!  No matter who you favorite Doctor is, you will still love this shirt!

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Doctor Who 11 Doctors Shirt

11 Doctors T-Shirt

[Source:  TShirtBordello]