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Like most Nintendo fanboys, I have spent more hours than I would care to admit playing the various Mario Kart games.  Even when you are playing by yourself, there is just something addicting about trying to beat the computer with every color shell I can throw at it!

Well, for those that enjoy a little Mario Kart action and Dr. Seuss, TShirtLaundry is selling this awesome One Shell, Two Shell, Red Shell, Blue Shell t-shirt for just $12 right now (on sale from $18)!  It is available in sizes for both men and women so guys shouldn’t feel left out just because the picture has a woman wearing this awesome shirt.

Even if you aren’t a huge Mario kart fan yourself, at this sale price, it would be a perfect (and cheap) gift for anybody you know that does love Mario Kart!  Remember, Christmas is only 4 months away!

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Mario Kart Shells T-Shirt

Mario Kart One Shell, Two Shell, Red Shell, Blue Shell T-Shirt

[Source:  TShirtLaundry]