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It seems to me that Skyrim cosplay is all the rage these days.  A month ago, I posted some incredible Skyrim Daedric armor cosplay and before that I posted some amazing Skyrim High Elf cosplay and even some award winning Skyrim Karliah cosplay.  Well, now we can add some mind blowing Draugr Deathlords cosplay to the list!

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who these cosplayers are (I can’t understand the name the guy says in the video) that are sporting this mind blowing Skyrim Draugr Deathlords cosplay that looks like they came straight out of the game.  Apparently they could be found wandering around DragonCon a couple of weeks ago.  With cosplay like this, I think I may have to make a trip to DragonCon next year.

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Draugr Deathlords Cosplay

Skyrim Draugr Deathlords Cosplay

[via Obvious Winner]