Awesome Steampunk Tinkerbell Cosplay

Ever since I was a kid, I have had a big love for Peter Pan and that fantasy universe.  I remember watching the Disney cartoon over and over again as a kid and these days I will watch the classic Hook movie with Robin Williams whenever I see it on TV.  It seems like love for Neverland has fallen off in recent years because I remember seeing lots of Peter Pan and Hook costumes when I was a kid (I remember even having one of the hook hand toys when I was a kid) and you never see them these days.

Well, it looks like there is at least one other fan still out there judging by this awesome steampunk Tinkerbell cosplay.

Sadly, I don’t know who this awesome Tinkerbell cosplayer is, who took this picture or what con this was at but I think this cosplay is great!  If you know who this girl is or who took the picture, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them the credit they deserve!

I hope Hook is still on Netflix because now I am in the mood to watch it for the millionth time.

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Tinkerbell Cosplay

Steampunk Tinkerbell Cosplay

[via Reddit]

Incredible Skyrim Draugr Deathlords Cosplay

It seems to me that Skyrim cosplay is all the rage these days.  A month ago, I posted some incredible Skyrim Daedric armor cosplay and before that I posted some amazing Skyrim High Elf cosplay and even some award winning Skyrim Karliah cosplay.  Well, now we can add some mind blowing Draugr Deathlords cosplay to the list!

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who these cosplayers are (I can’t understand the name the guy says in the video) that are sporting this mind blowing Skyrim Draugr Deathlords cosplay that looks like they came straight out of the game.  Apparently they could be found wandering around DragonCon a couple of weeks ago.  With cosplay like this, I think I may have to make a trip to DragonCon next year.

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Draugr Deathlords Cosplay

Skyrim Draugr Deathlords Cosplay

[via Obvious Winner]

Awesome Underworld Selene Cosplay

The Underworld movies are among my all time favorite movies and I will watch them every chance I get.  Even the newest one, while it wasn’t as good as the others, I still like it because it is the best looking 3D movie I have seen so far and makes me glad I spent a little bit extra just to have a 3D tv even though I never use the 3D otherwise.  Well, speaking of the amazing Underworld movies, I came across some pretty good Selene cosplay I thought you guys would enjoy.

This awesome Underworld inspired Selene cosplay was done by cosplayer Callie and the equally impressive photography was done by David Thorpe Photography.

I wish there was more people doing Underworld cosplay.  I think the characters could make for some excellent cosplay and those blue eyes on Selene drive me crazy!  I would love if a blue contact fashion trend caught on because they are really hot!

Anyway, enough about what color eyes I like and on to the amazing pictures of the Underworld cosplay!  Enjoy your holiday everybody!

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Selene Cosplay

Underworld Selene Cosplay

Selene Cosplay

Underworld Selene Cosplay

Underworld Selene Cosplay

Selene Cosplay

[Source: GeekxGirls]

3D Hobbit Hole and Gandalf Fingernail Art [pics]

With the new Hobbit movie having come out a few days ago, it seemed especially appropriate to post some rather spectacular Hobbit themed fingernail art.  Without a doubt, these fingernails are definitely some of the most unique and awesome fingernails I have ever seen!

DeviantART user KayleighOC is the fingernail art genius behind this incredible 3D Hobbit Hole fingernail art as well as the Gandalf fingernail art.  Apparently they were made out of clay and then painted with acrylic paints and nail varnishes.  I’d say they turned out rather incredible but I can’t see how 3D fingernail art would be the least bit practical.  If it was me, I would be worried about the stuff breaking off if I had to scratch my nose or something.

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Hobbit Hole Nail Art

Hobbit Hole 3D Fingernail Art

Gandalf Nail Art

Gandalf 3D Fingernail Art

[Source:  KayleighOC via Fashionably Geek]

Sexy Underworld Inspired Cosplay [pics]

The Underworld movies are some of my all time favorite movies (I can’t say much for Underworld: Awakening however it does have the best 3D I have ever seen in a 3D movie which I generally don’t care for). Well, it seems I am not the only fan of the movies judging by this amazing Underworld inspired cosplay!

Cosplayer and DeviantART user Serenitysteph is the one sporting this rather sexy Underworld inspired cosplay.  She isn’t cosplaying as any specific character, but it is pretty hard to mistake this as being inspired by anything else.  This pictures do a fantastic job of capturing the look and feel of the movie.

The photography was done by Lexa one, Stephane Brazeau, and Benoit Vermette and the make-up was done by Genevieve Dargis Maquilleuse and Stephanie Morin.

One of the things I enjoy the most about the Underworld look is the blue eyes.  They look fantastic on Kate Beckinsale and they look great on Serenitysteph too!  There is nothing sexier than those blue eyes!

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Sexy Underworld Cosplay

Underworld Inspired Cosplay

Sexy Underworld Cosplay

Underworld Inspired Cosplay

Sexy Underworld Inspired Cosplay

Underworld Inspired Cosplay

[Source:  GeekxGirls]