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Hoodies have never really been my thing for some reason (I’ve just never been a fan), but I would love to have this awesome Pac-Man hoodie!  This is perhaps the only hoodie I have ever really wanted and I am extremely tempted to buy it!

The geektastic folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this awesome Pac-Man hoodie for $49.99.  That feels a tad high for me but I have never shopped for hoodie before so that could be a great price and I just don’t know it.  Either way, I would still pay that price just to have an awesome Pac-Man hoodie!

If you are looking for a great conversation starter for talking with gamers, this is the perfect way to do it!  I find there is no easier way to start a conversation with somebody geeky than by wearing something that shows you are a geek.

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Pac-Man Hoodie

Pac-Man Hoodie

[Source: ThinkGeek]