Great Pokémon Officer Jenny Cosplay

One of the things I always thought was a bit silly when I used to watch the Pokemon cartoons (back before they introduced a ton of new Pokemon I just couldn’t bring myself to care about) was that every city had a Nurse Joy and an Officer Jenny.  It seemed like kind of an odd element in the show but still cool to see the same characters everywhere.  However, I’m guessing most people weren’t as intrigued by the idea as I was because I don’t think I have seen cosplay of either of them until today.

Cosplayer Siren’s Belle is the beautiful girl sporting this great Officer Jenny cosplay. I think she does a great job bringing the cartoon character to life although I can’t help but think that it would be better if she had Officer Jenny’s Growlithe with her.  Seeing one without the other just feels a little odd but since Growlithe isn’t real, I guess its not a big deal.  Also, the photography is pretty good which was done by Beethy.

Now I really feel the urge to go watch the old Pokemon cartoon.  Off to Netflix I go!

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Officer Jenny Cosplay

Pokemon Officer Jenny Cosplay

[via Fashionably Geek]