Awesome Legend of Zelda Inspired Charm Hair Bow

Being a guy, I’m not one to wear anything in my hair (it would be pointless anyway as my hair is too short and I wear a hat all the time) but if there are any cool ladies out there that want to sport some Legend of Zelda love in their hair, I think I have found the perfect hair bow for you!

Etsy seller KillerBunnyCouture is selling these awesome Legend of Zelda inspired char hair bows that she makes for just $21.50.  That seems like a very reasonable price for a green bow with a Triforce on it and some rupees and a Master Sword charm hanging from it.  However, if those charms (made from polymer clay) don’t tickle your fancy, then she does take custom orders so if you would rather have a Hylian Shield for example, you can!  However, the price may very on custom orders so keep that in mind and make sure to discuss that with her before ordering.

Times like this, I kind of regret being a guy because I would love to wear something like that.  Even if I did have long hair, I could never pull something like that off simply because I am a guy and that sucks.  Consider yourself lucky ladies!

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Legend of Zelda Hair Bow

Legend of Zelda Charm Hair Bow

[Source:  Etsy]