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The Underworld movies are some of my all time favorite movies (I can’t say much for Underworld: Awakening however it does have the best 3D I have ever seen in a 3D movie which I generally don’t care for). Well, it seems I am not the only fan of the movies judging by this amazing Underworld inspired cosplay!

Cosplayer and DeviantART user Serenitysteph is the one sporting this rather sexy Underworld inspired cosplay.  She isn’t cosplaying as any specific character, but it is pretty hard to mistake this as being inspired by anything else.  This pictures do a fantastic job of capturing the look and feel of the movie.

The photography was done by Lexa one, Stephane Brazeau, and Benoit Vermette and the make-up was done by Genevieve Dargis Maquilleuse and Stephanie Morin.

One of the things I enjoy the most about the Underworld look is the blue eyes.  They look fantastic on Kate Beckinsale and they look great on Serenitysteph too!  There is nothing sexier than those blue eyes!

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Sexy Underworld Cosplay

Underworld Inspired Cosplay

Sexy Underworld Cosplay

Underworld Inspired Cosplay

Sexy Underworld Inspired Cosplay

Underworld Inspired Cosplay

[Source:  GeekxGirls]

I’ve always enjoyed the various costumes seen on the different Star Trek shows, but after seeing these latex Star Trek costumes, I really wish they had been what was worn by the various Starfleet officers.  What I wouldn’t give to see Judzia Dax sporting one of these awesome latex Starfleet uniforms!

These amazing latex Star Trek costumes were created by Poison Candy Latex who will be selling them sometime soon!  This latex Star Trek greatness is set to debut at the Montreal Comic-Con in September but this is a sneak peak of what you can expect.  There are no details about pricing yet, but if you plan on sporting the sexy side of Star Trek, I recommend you start saving your pennies now!

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Star Trek Latex Costumes

Sexy Star Trek Latex Costumes

Starfleet Latex Costumes

Sexy Starfleet Latex Costumes

[Via Fashionably Geek]

It is very rare that I find something worth posting that has me at a loss for words and this is one of those times.  Apparently this picture comes from some sort of Star Wars themed burlesque show.  This is by far the most bizarre burlesque costume I have ever seen!  I love women and I love cosplay and I really love the combination of the two but when the cosplay is of C-3PO, it is borderline creepy.  As sexy as this C-3PO burlesque cosplay seems to be, the C-3PO head kind of kills it for me.  I’m not saying its a bad idea as it does look cool, I just find it weird.

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Star Wars C-3PO Burlesque Cosplay

Star Wars C-3PO Burlesque Cosplay

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Fus Ro Damn!  This is easily the hottest Dovahkiin cosplay I have ever seen.  This takes sexy to a whole new level!  Skyrim fans are sure to love this awesome female Dovahkiin cosplay although any real Skyrim fans will be quick to point out that she should be sporting a shield rather than a cellphone.  Pink also doesn’t really go with the outfit.  Nitpicks aside, this is some really good (and hot) Dragonborn cosplay and probably the sexiest Skyrim cosplay we will ever see.  Anybody care to try to outdo her?  Let us know!

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Sexy Lady Dragonborn Cosplay

Sexy Lady Dragonborn Cosplay

[via Fashionably Geek]