Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Onesies

Maybe its because I’m not a big fan of babies, but I’ve never been one to go crazy about cute baby outfits like many people I know.  Generally speaking, I think the prices that baby outfits cost is insane, especially when they only fit in them for such a short amount of time.  It just doesn’t feel like you really get your moneys worth.  However, I managed to come across a onesie that it not only fairly reasonably priced, but it is the perfect for any Star Trek fan!

The amazing Star Trek lovers over at ThinkGeek are selling these adorable Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform onesies for just $19.99!  They come in red, blue and gold and in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 to 18 months.  There is no guarantee that your kid will grow up to love Star Trek: The Next Generation as much as you do but with a onesie like this, I’d say you have improved your odds.  But be warned, referring to your baby by their rank in public might result in people making fun of you.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Onesie

Star Trek: TNG Baby Uniform

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

When Pokemon Fans Give Birth [pic]

One of the nice things about being a guy is that I never have to worry about getting pregnant.  I’ve seen countless women go through the pregnancy thing and that just seems like 9 months of hell to me.  Well, some women seem to do a better job than others at embracing the idea of getting ready to shoot out a kid and it seems one of those women happens to be a Pokemon fan.

I don’t know who this awesome Pokemon fan is (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can congratulate her on her bundle of joy and Pokemon love) but I love the idea that she decided to paint up her baby bump to look like a giant Pokeball.  The fact that she put the kid in a Pikachu outfit after it was born is even cuter!  However, I do find the red spots on the baby’s face to be a bit redundant as the Pikachu outfit already has them.  It is still a cute idea though!

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Pokemon Pokeball Pregnancy and Pikachu Baby

Pokeball Pregnancy and Pikachu Baby

[via Fashionably Geek]

Baby Princess Zelda Cosplay [pic]

I suspect that babies aren’t really capable of really appreciating the awesomeness of the Legend of Zelda franchise but they can still look cute dressed up as Princess Zelda.  One awesome parent apparently cut up and sewed an old dress together and crocheted all kinds of Princess Zelda awesomeness together to make this dress for a 9-12 month old baby (girl).  The cool part is that you can order this Princess Zelda outfit for your 9-12 month old girl off of Etsy for $80.  There is only one available so if you want this, I wouldn’t wait long to buy it!

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Princess Zelda Baby Cosplay

Princess Zelda Baby Cosplay

[Source:  Etsy]

Star Trek Baby Costumes [pic]

After seeing the large reaction that the Doctor Who baby cosplay post got, I figured you guys would enjoy some baby Star Trek cosplay!  The best part about the Star Trek baby cosplay below is that you can buy the costumes to dress up your infants and toddlers!  ThinkGeek is selling these Star Trek costumes that come in both Kirk and Spock for $21.99.  The costumes should fit kids 0-24 months and are perfect for the next time you have to haul your baby around a sci-fi convention.

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Star Trek Baby Costumes

Star Trek Baby Costumes

[Source:  ThinkGeek via Geek Alerts]

Doctor Who Baby Cosplay [pic]

Doctor Who fans come in all shapes, sizes and ages but something tells me this baby is probably too young to have a clue who the Doctor is, yet his parents are big enough fans of the sci-fi show that they decided to dress him up as the Doctor.  You know you are parenting the geeky way when you give your kid their first sonic screwdriver before they can even walk.  Pictures like this make me wish that my parents were geeks.  Sadly, I am the only geek in my family.

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Baby Doctor Who Cosplay

Baby Doctor Who Cosplay

[via Geeks Are Sexy]