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I can understand people getting tattoos on areas of skin that aren’t that sensitive  like around the shoulders or something but just the thought of getting a tattoo on my feet makes me cringe.  Well, that is exactly where one Super Mario Bros fan got his tattoo!

Ben Hostetler is the person sporting this sweet Koopa Troopa tattoo on their foot.  The tattoo parlor that did this piece of gaming body art was the Atomic Tattoo branch in Tampa, Florida.

Apparently Ben fell in love with Super Mario Bros as a young kid (like myself) and instead of jumping on turtles, now spends his time rehabbing turtles he finds in chlorinated pools while working as a pool technician (not like myself).  Props to Ben on the awesome tattoo and helping out turtles instead of jumping on them!

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Super Mario Bros Koopa Troopa Foot Tattoo

Super Mario Bros Koopa Troopa Tattoo

[Source:  Geeky Tattoos]