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I don’t know that I have ever mentioned it on Fanboy Fashion before but the God of War games are my favorite series of games.  Not counting the latest prequel, I’ve always thought the story was captivating, the gameplay was incredible and the graphics are usually quite impressive for the time/system.  Normally, I am not a huge fan of quicktime events but they are so brutal in the game that I love them although sometimes they can feel a bit repetitive when the enemies never seem to end.  Anyway, speaking of God of War, this morning I stumbled across some awesome genderbending Kratos cosplay.

Cosplayer Lindsay Elyse is the beautiful woman sporting this awesome female Kratos cosplay.  I think she did a great job with the costume.  The body paint looks great and I really like the look of the Blades of Chaos.  Speaking of doing a great job, Adam Patrick Murray did a great job with the photography too.

It is a good thing the weekend is almost here because this Kratos cosplay has really put me in the mood to go play some God of War.  Now I just have to find the time to play it.

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God of War Female Kratos Cosplay

Female Kratos Cosplay

[Via:  Cosplay Blog]

One of these days, I am going to make it to the San Diego Comic-Con because from everything I have seen, I would be in heaven.  Between the panels with some of my favorite actors and the phenomenal cosplay, you would have to cut the smile off my face if I went!

Well, speaking of phenomenal cosplay at the San Diego Comic-Con, this sexy lady Cyclop cosplay was spotted and photographed by Leonard Lee from MTV (MTV is still around?!).  I’m not sure who this awesome X-Men cosplayer is, but I’d say she pulled off this Cyclop cosplay quite well!

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Sexy Lady Cyclop X-Men Cosplay

Sexy Lady Cyclop X-Men Cosplay

[Source:  MTV via Geeks are Sexy]