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Although I enjoyed the time I spent playing Dragon Age (I never did finish it though), I have not gotten around to playing Dragon Age: Origins.  However, after seeing this rather beautiful Mage cosplay from Dragon Age: Origins, I think I might have to go back and finish Dragon Age and then give Dragon Age: Origins a shot.  Luckily it is on sale on Steam right now for $9.99 ($14.99 for the ultimate addition) so if you are looking to pick up the game, now is a great time!

Anyway, this awesome Mage cosplay from Dragon Age: Origins is being sported by cosplayer and DeviantART user HayleyElise.  Fellow DeviantART user KrisEz was the one who took this cool picture.

The dagger this Mage is sporting doesn’t look that intimidating but this cosplay does have the one thing I love the most.  Pointy ears.  There is nothing hotter than pointy ears!

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Dragon Age Mage Cosplay

Dragon Age Origins Mage Cosplay

[Via Cosplay Blog]