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Summer is here and that means two things, back yard grilling and Hawaiian shirts!  Of course, just because you aren’t grilling up a tauntaun doesn’t mean you can’t do you grilling and drinking in Star Wars style!  Nothing says you enjoy your summers like you enjoy your Star Wars quite like this Star Wars schematics Hawaiian shirt which features schematics of the Death Star, Millennium Falcon, and many other iconic Star Wars vehicles.

The incredible folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this sweet Star Wars schematics Hawaiian shirt for $49.99!  If you are a true Star Wars fan and you want to stay comfortable this summer, pack away the Star Wars t-shirts and wear this instead!

I’m honestly not sure if that is a good price or not because I only buy t-shirts and never Hawaiian shirts but even if that is high for a Hawaiian shirt, the Star Wars cool factor more than makes up for it.

May the Force be with you and your grilling!

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[Source:  ThinkGeek]

I’ve seen people do all sorts of cool makeup jobs with their eyes and stuff (like the Riddler eye makeup and the Spider-Man eye makeup I have posted in the past), but never have I seen or even heard of lip makeup.  As well done and cool as these Ewok lips are, I really hope this isn’t a trend that catches on because its just a little too weird for me.  No matter how geeky the lips may be, I just don’t seen myself seeing lip makeup like this and saying ‘I got to get me some of that!’  Please tell me I am not alone in feeling this way!

Fashion trend of not, these Ewok lips are still great and they were made by special effects makeup artist Crystal Effin Overland.  She is clearly quite talented with makeup!  I can’t even imagine how much restraint it took to not accidentally lick her lips and ruin this work of Ewok art.  I don’t think I could do it because I am slightly crazy about how my lips feel at all times.  I’m weird like that but I’m sure you have your quirks too!

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Star Wars Ewok Lips

Ewok Lips

[via Fashionably Geek]

Maybe its just me but it feels like with every day that goes by, I lose a little more hope of seeing another Ghostbusters movie get made.  I know it has been in the works for a while but with Bill Murray not being interested in being in it and the death of Harold Ramis a couple of months ago, I am losing hope.  However, even if we don’t see another movie, there are always the old movies and cartoons to watch as well as video games to play.  Not only that, but here is some great female Ghostbuster cosplay to enjoy!

Cosplayer Maeghan Eyre teamed up with Ghostbusters News to do a little cosplay photoshoot in a library with photographer Jason Fitzsimmons.  Both the cosplay and the photography turned out great!

Not only is the costume good, but the proton pack and other equipment looks great!  I’m also kind of curious to know who she got to sign the proton pack.  To see more pictures, hit up the source link below.

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Lady Ghostbuster Cosplay

Lady Ghostbuster Cosplay

Female Ghostbuster Cosplay

Female Ghostbuster Cosplay

Ghostbusters Cosplay

Ghostbusters Cosplay

Lady Ghostbuster Cosplay

Lady Ghostbuster Cosplay

Lady Ghostbuster Cosplay

Lady Ghostbuster Cosplay

[Source:  Ghostbusters News via Fashionably Geek]

If you ever see me in person, chances are you will never see me without a hat on.  Largely due to my very light sensitive eyes, I never leave the house without a hat and sunglasses on.  As a result, people tend to see me as someone who never takes their hat off.  Being a hat guy, I usually go through about 2-3 hats a year because they get dirty, sweat stained and rather disgusting after about 6 months or so.  While I still have several months of use left on the God of War hat I have been sporting, I’ve been on the hunt for its replacement and that is when I came across these cool Star Trek athletic hats.

The incredible folks over at ThinkGeek are selling these awesome Star Trek athletic hats for $24.99!  You have the choice of red, blue or gold and they are adjustable with a clip and pull tab in the back.

One of these hats is definitely going to be my next hat, I just can’t decide which one I want!  I’m debating between either red or blue.  If you get one of these hats, let me know in the comments below which color you go with!

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Star Trek Ball Caps

Star Trek Athletic Hats

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

It never ceases to amaze me just what works of art can be accomplished on the tiny canvas that is a person’s fingernails.  Whether it is the exploding TARDIS fingernail art I posted in the past or the Legend of Zelda nail art I have also posted, I am always blown away by the amount of detail that some people put into painting their nails.  Well, speaking of amazing fingernail art, I just stumbled upon some great Spider-Man fingernail art that I’m sure you guys will enjoy just as much as I did!

This awesome Spider-Man manicure was created by Starfish on the Beach.  While all of the nails are impressive, I think I like the one on the middle finger the best with the Spider-Man logo showing from underneath a jacket or something that is being unzipped.  Trying to get that tiny detail on that zipper couldn’t have been easy!

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Spider-Man Nail Art

Spider-Man Fingernail Art

[Source:  Starfish on the Beach via Fashionably Geek]

Where I live, it is pretty much impossible to find somebody that doesn’t support our military.  With all of the military bases we have in Colorado, the military has a huge impact on our local economy and you will have a hard time finding somebody who doesn’t know somebody who is serving in the military so support for the troops is a big deal around here.  While ‘Support our troops’ bumper stickers are quite common, nobody ever thinks to support the Stormtroopers.  Since I think they need a little more support (perhaps it would improve their aim), I decided to post this cool t-shirt.

The awesome nerdy folks over at BustedTees are selling this Star Wars inspired Stormtrooper support our troops t-shirt for just $20.  Even if you aren’t the type that goes to conventions dressed as a Stormtrooper, the least you can do is wear this shirt to show your support for those that do!

Remember, even if a shirt like this isn’t your think (perhaps you are a bigger Star Trek fan than you are of Star Wars), I’d bet there is somebody in your life that would love a shirt like this so give it some thought when you are looking for a gift for them!

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Stormtrooper Support Our Troops Shirt

Star Wars Support Our Troops T-Shirt

[Source:  Bustedtees]

The Underworld movies are among my all time favorite movies and I will watch them every chance I get.  Even the newest one, while it wasn’t as good as the others, I still like it because it is the best looking 3D movie I have seen so far and makes me glad I spent a little bit extra just to have a 3D tv even though I never use the 3D otherwise.  Well, speaking of the amazing Underworld movies, I came across some pretty good Selene cosplay I thought you guys would enjoy.

This awesome Underworld inspired Selene cosplay was done by cosplayer Callie and the equally impressive photography was done by David Thorpe Photography.

I wish there was more people doing Underworld cosplay.  I think the characters could make for some excellent cosplay and those blue eyes on Selene drive me crazy!  I would love if a blue contact fashion trend caught on because they are really hot!

Anyway, enough about what color eyes I like and on to the amazing pictures of the Underworld cosplay!  Enjoy your holiday everybody!

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Selene Cosplay

Underworld Selene Cosplay

Selene Cosplay

Underworld Selene Cosplay

Underworld Selene Cosplay

Selene Cosplay

[Source: GeekxGirls]

Anybody who knows me at least in meatspace knows that I am a big fan of wearing baseball caps.  I will never leave the house without one so there are a lot of people who have never seen me without my trademark hat.  The bad thing is that because of the job I have, then tend to get rather dirty and nasty rather quickly so I tend to go through 2-3 hats a year.  Well, my current Go of War cap is nearing the end of its life so I was looking around this morning for my next hat when I stumbled across this awesome TMNT baseball cap that I thought you guys would love as much as I do!

The nerdy folks over at SuperHeroStuff are selling this awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shell print snapback cap for only $19.99!  If you were a big TMNT fan as a kid like I was, you are going to love this cap!

I really like the fact that this hat is adjustable with a snapping back because my last couple of hats have been kind of a one size fits all style that just has an elastic band to keep it tight around your head but that tends to wear out rather quickly so even the smallest breeze can send it flying.  It will be nice to have something that will stay on my head for a change!

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TMNT Shell Print Cap

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Print Cap

[Source:  SuperHeroStuff]

In the past, I have made mention of the fact that I am not one who cares for wearing rings.  In fact, it drives me crazy!  I’d be lying if I said that I’m not a little worried about ring wearing thing if I ever get married some day.  I suppose I could do like the awesome couple below did but I’m not sure I am any more fond of the idea of getting a tattoo either.  However, I think this couple did come up with a pretty cool ring tattoo idea.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who the awesome and super geeky couple is whose hands are in the picture below but I think they may have found the ultimate way for one Star Wars fan to show another Star Wars fan just how much they love them.  These awesome Star Wars tattoo rings feature the iconic lines from Han and Leia right before Han is frozen in carbonite and they even feature a lightsaber and the Death Star.

This couple definitely hasn’t been looking for love in Alderaan places.

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Star Wars Ring Tattoos

Star Wars Ring Tattoos

[Via Fashionably Geek]