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Most cosplayers have certain materials that they like to work with but I can’t recall seeing any cosplay made entirely out of cardboard or entirely out of foam.  Well, apparently those are the materials of choice for one Iron Man loving Reddit user.  At the risk of turning into a giant paper cut, they like to make Iron Man suits out of pure cardboard!

Reddit user royal_dump is the Iron Man fanatic with some serious cardboard cutting skills that made these amazing suits out of cardboard.  Apparently they each require 1-2 weeks to make which really doesn’t seem like much time considering the number of pieces and the effort needed to make something that looks this good.  They are also really skilled with foam too as the last picture is of a foam Iron Man suit.

All hail royal_dump, king of cardboard!

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Iron Man Cardboard Suits

Cardboard Iron Man Suits

Iron Man Cardboard Suit

Cardboard Iron Man Suit

Iron Man Foam Suit

Foam Iron Man Suit

[Source:  royal_dump via Fashionably Geek]

In acknowledgement of Internet Rule #63, “For every given male character, there is a female version of that character; conversely for every given female character, there is a male version of that character,” I thought it seemed appropriate to post this bloody yet sexy female Captain America cosplay.

This female Captain America cosplay is being modeled by Alison Brie.  Apparently this cosplay is being called Miss America which seems fitting but slightly confusing considering the beauty pageant of the same name.  Anyway, I’d say this female Captain America cosplay is pretty hot, even if she is bloodied up and looks like she has just been through one heck of a fight.

Long live Rule #63!

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Captain America Cosplay

Female Captain America Cosplay

[Source:  Fan Art Exhibit via Geeks are Sexy]

While the internet seems to be obsessed with Poison Ivy cosplay lately (such as the steampunk Poison Ivy cosplay I posted last week), I thought it would be fun to post some super sexy Batgirl cosplay instead!  And of course there is no sexier way to do Batgirl cosplay than with body paint!

Model / cosplayer Amber Deville is the sexy woman sporting this fantastic Batgirl cosplay.  From the looks of it, other than the boots, cape, mask, ect., I am pretty sure the rest of the “costume” is body paint which looks pretty darn good!

The pictures were taken by photographer Ben Britt who I would say did a pretty good job even though the backgrounds are pretty obviously photoshopped in.

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Batgirl Body Paint Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Body Paint

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

Batgirl Cosplay

[via Geek x Girls]

Is there some new obsession with Poison Ivy that nobody has told me about?  Over the past month or so, I have been seeing all kinds of great Poison Ivy cosplay.  However, this is the first steampunk Poison Ivy that I think I have come across and it is pretty cool!  I love the combination of steampunk and anything else so its safe to say this gets two thumbs up from me!

This awesome steampunk Poison Ivy cosplay is being sported by Rikkux12.  The sexy yet tasteful pictures were taken by Robbins Studios.  Between the cosplay and the photography, this is full of awesomeness.  The world needs more Batman universe inspired steampunk cosplay!

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Poison Ivy Cosplay

Steampunk Poison Ivy Cosplay

Poison Ivy Cosplay

Steampunk Poison Ivy Cosplay

Steampunk Ivy Cosplay

Steampunk Poison Ivy Cosplay

[via Fashionably Geek]

I don’t know if it is the quality of the tattoo artists where I live or the poor ability of people to pick/design a decent tattoo (maybe both), but the tattoos that I see people sporting around where I live really suck.  Well, most aren’t terrible but in comparison to tattoos like this Batman inspired tattoo below, they make you wonder why they even bothered to get one in the first place.

This amazing tattoo of Batman punching Joker was inked by Josh at City of Ink in Christchurch, New Zealand. The detail on this Batman tattoo is very impressive!  I would say Josh hit a home run when he inked this tattoo!  The guy who also had it inked on his side is clearly a pretty cool dude too!

However, I am curious if the tattoo is black and white or just the photo?

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Batman Punching Joker Tattoo

Batman and Joker Tattoo

[Source:  Fashionably Geek]

Lady Loki Cosplay [pics]

December 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

For those that are huge fans of the Avengers and the movie Thor, I figured you would enjoy this cool female Loki cosplay.  I’m not sure where these pictures were taken, but I know I would probably freak out if I was just walking along and saw Loki out and about.

This great Loki cosplayer is some awesome woman by the name of Rosemary.  I like how she appears to be forcing some guy to kneel to her in the second picture.  As cool as the Loki cosplay is in this picture, I don’t think I can recall Loki ever wearing heels in the movies.  At least they seem to go with the costume pretty well!

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Loki Cosplay

Lady Loki Cosplay

Loki Cosplay

Lady Loki Cosplay

[Source:  So Geek Chic]

Whenever I am at home, I am wearing my slippers.  Unlike when I was a kid and had slippers that looked like huskies and other things, they are nothing fancy other than a pair of leather slippers with wool on the inside which has largely worn away.  Well, if you are a Star Wars fan and are in need of some slippers like I am (actually I have one pair left like the ones I have now before I need a new one but they only last me about a year), then I have found the slippers for you!

The awesome folks over at 80sTees are selling these Wookierific adult Chewbacca slippers for just $25.  They are available in small and large depending on your shoe size (they have a size chart to tell you) and according to one of the reviews, they are very comfortable.

If you are a big Chewbacca fan or know somebody who is that you are having trouble finding a Christmas present for, I suggest you order these awesome Chewbacca slippers!

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Chewbacca Slippers

Star Wars Chewbacca Slippers

[Source:  80sTees]

One of my favorite movies of all time is Jurassic Park.  It seems to be one of the few movies where the special effects still seem as good today as they did back when the movie came out in 1993.  It is one of the few movies that I will watch it whenever I see it is on tv.  Perhaps it is the fact that the movie looks so good or maybe its just my childhood love for dinosaurs, but I can’t seem to get enough of that movie!

Well, for those that also have a love for Jurassic Park, I think I have found a t-shirt you are going to want!

The cool people over at BustedTees are selling this awesome “Bingo!  Dino DNA!” shirt for just $20.

If you are a fan of that iconic part of the movie that makes you dream that we will be able to one day recreate dinosaurs from DNA found in mosquitoes preserved in amber, then you need this shirt!  This Dino DNA shirt should also make a great Christmas gift to anybody you know who is a huge JP fan!

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Dino DNA Shirt

Jurassic Park Dino DNA Shirt

[Source:  BustedTees]

The Tomb Raider franchise has been around for a lot of years in the from of video games, movies, ect, but it seems to not get much love these days from the cosplay community.  Well, even if it seems to be ignored by most cosplayers these days, there are some that still love cosplaying as Lara Croft and in this particular case, can pull off the character quite well!

There isn’t much to Lara Croft cosplay besides some gun holsters strapped to the legs, shorts, a tight top and huge boobs and those are all present here!

Cosplayer Dayna Baby Lou is the tomb raiding beauty in these spectacular Lara Croft Tomb Raider cosplay pictures.  I’d go pistol shooting with her anytime, especially if she was dressed like that!  Wow!  Hit up the source link below for more amazing pictures.

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Lara Croft Cosplay

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay

Lara Croft Cosplay

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay

Lara Croft Cosplay

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay

[Source:  GeexGirls]