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I have always hated wearing neckties, but these Rampage ties are by far the coolest ties I have ever seen!  A while back, I posted an awesome one-of-a-kind Duck Hunt tie by Maya Pixelskaya and she seems to be at it again with these amazing Rampage ties!  Rampage was always one of my favorite games as a kid because I just loved punching buildings until they fell.  Well, if you are a big Rampage fan like I am, the Ralf tie (werewolf) is currently up for sale on Ebay with 9 days remaining on the auction as of the time of this writing.  However, you are probably going to have to break into your savings account if you hope to win it as it is already at $166.81 with 17 bids.

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Rampage Neckties

Rampage Neckties

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Pong Necktie [pic]

December 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

I generally avoid wearing neckties like I avoid the plague but sometimes no matter how hard I try, I have to wear one because of a presentation or some kind of formal gathering.  Well, for those times that require the wearing of a necktie then I think this Pong tie might just be the perfect thing to wear.  Its hard to show off your geeky side when you are dressed formally, but with this Pong necktie, everybody can still know you are a geek!  This awesome Pong tie is sold by Wild Ties through Amazon and you can order one for just $18.95.  Seems like a pretty reasonable price!

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Pong Tie

Pong Necktie

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