This Star Wars Wookie Photobomb T-Shirt is Awesome!

Even though I love seeing funny photobombed pictures like everybody else, I have never had the guts to photobomb somebody.  I’m just not comfortable with the idea of ruining the special moment somebody is trying to capture by acting like an idiot.  Whenever I see somebody trying to take a picture, I do the polite thing and move out of the way until they are done.  Maybe some day I will do it but I just don’t think that is me as I tend to adhere pretty closely to the idea of treating others how I would like to be treated.  Anyway, speaking of funny photobombs, if you are a Star Wars fan, then I suspect you will love this funny shirt of Chewbacca photobombing Darth Vader and a couple of Stormtroopers with a giant #1 Rebels foam finger like you would see at a sports event.

The nerdy folks over at 80sTees are selling this hilarious Wookie Photobomb T-Shirt for $22.  Whether you are a Chewbacca or Darth Vader fan, I have a feeling that as long as you love Star Wars and have a sense of humor, you will love this shirt!  Also, this tee is tagless for those that care about such things.

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Star Wars Wookie Photo Bomb T-Shirt

Star Wars Wookie Photo Bomb T-Shirt


Moon Landing TARDIS Photobomb Shirt [pic]

Not only am I a huge lover of Doctor Who, I am obsessed with all things space related too.  So, when I saw this shirt combining the moon landing with the TARDIS from Doctor Who, I immediately fell in love with it.  Considering how much I love it, I knew I had to share it because I figured many of you would enjoy it too!

The fantastic folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this awesome Moon Landing TARDIS Photobomb t-shirt for $18.99-19.99 (depending on the size).  If you are a lover of Doctor Who and have a interested in the moon landing (as a space fan or a conspiracy theorist), I recommend picking up one of these shirts!

I wish Doctor Who was real and that this really happened because that would be fantastic!  I guess I will just have to settle for this shirt instead.

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Doctor Who Moon Landing TARDIS Photobomb Shirt

Moon Landing TARDIS Photobomb Shirt

[Source:  ThinkGeek]