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Anybody who has been following my writing on here or my other blog, Global Geek News, knows that I think there is nothing hotter than a girl with pointy ears.  I don’t care if they are part of some Vulcan cosplay or some Legend of Zelda cosplay, I just think that women with pointy ears are hot (I know it is a strange thing to like but I can’t help it).

Well, for the Star Trek loving women out there looking to get the attention of pointy ear lovers like myself without the desire to mess with the prosthetics will love this Spock hoodie that includes Spock’s ears!

Hot Topic is selling this awesome Star Trek Spock women’s hoodie for $54.50 to $56.50 (depending on the size).  This is the only logical hoodie for any woman to wear when she is cold!

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Spock Womens Hoodie

Star Trek Spock Women’s Hoodie

[Source:  Hot Topic via Geek Alerts]