The Ultimate Whovian T-Shirt

Some of my favorite people are those who love something so much that they aren’t afraid to show it in what they wear.  That kind of goes without saying on a blog called Fanboy Fashion but sometimes it can be helpful to point out the obvious.  Of course it would be kind of silly if I wasn’t one of these people myself!  I am one of those people about many things ranging from retro video game consoles to Battlestar Galactica.  Well, without a doubt, the franchise I demonstrate my love for the most with the things I wear is Doctor Who.  Considering I am wearing one of my dozens (yes, dozens!) of Doctor Who shirts while I am writing this should give you an idea for just how much I love it.

Are you a big Doctor Who enthusiast like I am?  If so, you should definitely be sporting one of these Whovian t-shirts!

The fantastic folks over at TShirtBordello are selling this cool Whovian t-shirt for just $14.99 (more for bigger sizes)!  It features all kinds of iconic Doctor Who related aliens and items ranging from the TARDIS and Sonic Screwdriver (because what Whovian shirt would be complete without them) to K-9 and the Pandorica!  This shirt is sure to bring back a ton of fond Doctor Who memories for any Whovian that sees it!

Speaking of Whovians that see this shirt, I have this shirt myself and wear it often and whenever I run into a Doctor Who fan in a restaurant or at the gas station or wherever, they are always complimenting me on the fantastic shirt so I can say with confidence that this shirt will bring you a lot of attention from fellow Whovians!

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Whovian T-Shirt

Doctor Who Whovian Shirt

[Source:  TShirtBordello]

Doctor Who Over the Knee Socks [pic]

I’m not sure if it reflects the general Doctor Who audience or just my circle of friends, but it seems like I know more women that love Doctor Who than guys.  Well, for the women out there that love Doctor Who, I think I have found some fantastic over the knee socks that you are going to fall in love with!

The fantastic Whovians over at ThinkGeek are currently selling these awesome Doctor Who over the knee socks for just $13.99!  These Doctor Who socks come in designs of either the 4th Doctor’s scarf, the Dalek or the TARDIS.  Apparently they are super long, stretchy and come in ladies sizes 4-10 (being a man, these sizes mean nothing to me).

I’m kind of jealous that they aren’t available for men but I do prefer to stick to solid white socks anyway.

If you get a pair of these, let us know in the comments below and be sure to link us to a picture of you wearing them!

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Doctor Who Over the KneeSocks

Doctor Who Socks

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

Final Fantasy NES Scarf [pic]

Our winters can get kind of cold around here, but I have never been one for wearing a scarf.  However, if I had a scarf like this awesome Final Fantasy scarf, I would wear one all winter long!

Etsy seller doctormoo is selling this awesome NES Final Fantasy scarf for $45 (which feels like a bargain for something this awesome).  This Final Fantasy scarf features the characters from the game you love including the Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, White Mage, Dark Mage, and Red Mage.  Just looking at this scarf makes me want to break out my NES and play some Final Fantasy this weekend!

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NES Final Fantasy Scarf

NES Final Fantasy Scarf

[Source:  Etsy]