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The Borderlands games are great and certainly worthy of making for some great tattoos, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I have ever seen somebody take the box art from a game and turn it into a tattoo.  That seems to be exactly what one Borderlands fan has done with this amazing Psycho Bandit tattoo!

The clearly talented tattoo artist Dane Grannon is the guy that inked this amazing Borderlands tattoo inspired by the game’s box art.  I am blown away by how the coloring turned out on this Borderlands tattoo.  I think that is probably what makes it so great looking!

If gaming tattoos is what you like, I suggest also checking out the sexy NES controller and Super Mario Bros tattoo I posted a while back.

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Borderlands Tattoo

Borderlands Box Art Tattoo

[Source:  Dane Grannon via Obvious Winner]