Show Your 8-Bit Love With This NES Controller Ring

At this point, I think you are all pretty familiar with my dislike of wearing things like rings because I feel they get in the way and are too restrictive, not to mention my fear of never being able to get them off once I get them on.  However, I still enjoy looking at and posting about really cool rings that I happen to come across while I am browsing my favorite websites.  Speaking of cool rings, I think I have found one that any fan of the Nintendo NES console will love!  And yes, I know saying Nintendo NES is redundant but I feel like it is the style I want to write in for once so deal with it! 😛

Etsy seller mooredesign13 is selling these handmade NES controller rings for just $200!  The rings feature the NES controller on a brick pattern with rubies as the A and B buttons.  The ring itself is made of sterling silver.

If you decide to order one of these, be warned that the smallest they can make is a size 9 because otherwise the A and B buttons are too small to set the ruby stones in.

Rings like this make me really wish I liked wearing rings because I would love to wear an NES controller around my finger.

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NES Controller Ring

NES Controller Ring

[Source:  Etsy via FashionablyGeek]

Star Trek Klingon Imperial Coat of Arms Bat’leth Ring [pic]

I have been a big Star Trek fan most of my life and I think I would have to say my favorite alien race on the show has to be the Klingons.  While I don’t share their taste in food (I prefer my food to not be moving when I eat it) I have been known to curse in Klingon on occasion and have the dream of having a Klingon wedding one day.

With as much as I like the Klingons, you would think I would be reaching for my credit card at the sight of this awesome Klingon ring below.  However, not being a fan of jewelry, I think I am going to pass.  However, if you like wearing rings and love Klingons, I suggest you get one!

Etsy seller Sterling925Silver is selling this awesome Star Trek Klingon Imperial Coat of Arms Bat’leth ring for $86.  This Klingon ring is handmade from sterling silver and you can get it in sizes 4-16.

No Klingon warrior should be without this ring!

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Klingon Ring

Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Ring

[Source:  Etsy]