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It seems like it has been a while since I have posted any cool fingernail art so when I saw this Worms fingernail art (one of my all time favorite games), I knew I needed to post it.  For as fun as the Worms games are, I feel like they don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve which is why I like to post anything Worms related when I get the chance.

This fantastic Worms fingernail art was created by Nail It Hot.  I’d say they did a pretty spectacular job with this fingernail art although I don’t recall ever seeing an axe in any of the Worms games.  I  never played the 3D versions so I suppose its possible, but if it was me, I would have gone with something slightly more iconic to the Worms games like the super sheep or the holy hand grenade.   It still looks cool though!

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Worms Nail Art

Worms Fingernail Art

[Via:  Worms on Facebook]

Without a doubt, I have spent more time playing Worms more than any other game franchise.  I can’t put my finger on it, but there is just something awesome about blowing up other worms with exploding bananas, flying sheep and little old ladies.  Well, it seems I have finally found 3 Worms fans that are even more obsessed with the game than I am!  This picture of three people dressed as worms armed with things like a sheep and a holy hand grenade was taken back in 2009 in Lucca, Italy at Lucca Comics and Games.  These guys are awesome!

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Worms Cosplay

Worms Cosplay

[via Worm’s Facebook Account]