Star Wars Space Ships Adult Footie Pajamas [pic]

Even as a kid, I remember hating my footie pajamas.  I just never cared for the rubber feet or whatever they were made out of.  I also found them to be a little on the hot side.

Well, for those those that do have fond memories of footie pajamas but don’t know where any to find any for Star Wars loving adults, I have found the adult footie pajamas for you!

Jumpin Jammers is selling these awesome Star Wars space ships footie pajamas for adults for $64.99.  The ships featured on these Star Wars adult footie pajamas include the Millennium Falcon, tie fighters, tie bombers, and X-Wing fighters.

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Adult Star Wars Footie Pajamas

Adult Star Wars Space Ships Footie Pajamas

[Source:  Jumpin Jammers via Fashaionably Geek]

Star Wars Back Tattoos [pic]

Considering how bad tattoos tend to look after a few years, I still don’t understand why people think its a good idea to get them but at least people that do, tend to get some pretty awesome ones.  In this particular case, this Star Wars fan got a bunch of Star Wars ships and such inked into her back.  I’d say more of them are pretty cool but seeing the Death Star in the shape of a heart just seems really strange.  The tie bomber and X-wing look great though!

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Star Wars Back Tattoos

Star Wars Back Tattoos

[via TechEblog]