Stunning Super Mario Bros Tattoo [pics]

Most people don’t know this little fact about me, but I used to be utterly repulsed by tattoos of any kind regardless of where they were on the body or how big they were.

I always used to prefer the look of plain skin to tattoos of whatever and to an extent that is still true.  However, I think part of my original dislike of tattoos was that I has just never seen any that were really well done (I guess the tattoo artists and prison inmates in my area suck at doing decent looking tattoos).  It wasn’t until I went to a local sci-fi convention and saw a women with an an incredibly well done Spock tattoo on one shoulder blade and an equally good looking Picard tattoo on the other that I realized they could actually be pretty cool.  Now I have come to really enjoy them (assuming they are well done).

Well, speaking of tattoos that are well done, I think this Super Mario Bros tattoo on this persons leg has to be one of if not the best Mario tattoos I have ever seen!  The color is perhaps the best I have seen on ANY tattoo as well!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who this leg belongs to or who the tattoo artist was that inked this work of gaming art so if you know who they are, please let me know in the comments below so we can give them credit!

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Mario Leg Tattoo

Super Mario Bros Tattoo

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