Fanboy Fashion Lives!!!

January 30, 2016 — Leave a comment

Last year I largely lost my passion for blogging and while I at least made some effort to keep things relatively fresh over on my main blog, Global Geek News, I pretty much abandoned Fanboy Fashion and all my other sites.  Well, I finally have that fire to start posting again so starting Monday, there will be new posts on Fanboy Fashion!  I can’t promise I will post as often as I used to as my plate is a lot fuller than it used to be but I’ll at least try to post two or three times a week from now on.

I plan to post about all the amazing things I have in the past from cosplay to geeky clothes you can buy so if you loved the stuff we posted, it is coming back.  To give you a small preview of just whats coming up, on Monday I will be posting some Deadpool eye makeup that will blow you away!

Thanks for sticking with me through all this time and I look forward to bringing you some amazing stuff!

Jeremy Bray

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Jeremy Bray is the founder of Global Geek News, Fanboy Fashion and Geek Yummy and the main writer for those sites. When not working on these three blogs, I am playing video games or finding something really geeky to do.