Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Fingernail Art

We are just two days away from the big day!  No, I’m not talking about a when that fat guy in a red suit (who should really be a lot fatter than he is with all of those cookies he eats) to flies around leaving presents in exchange for Christmas cookies, I am talking about the Doctor Who Christmas special!  In just two days we will find out how the whole regeneration problem is solved, see the end of Matt Smith’s Doctor and the beginning of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

Well, to celebrate this upcoming event, I thought there is no better way than with some amazing exploding TARDIS fingernail art!

I’m not positive who did this incredible fingernail as it just crossed my Facebook feed with no credit to the creator (a major pet peeve of mine), but from the watermark, I would guess it was created by Adventures in Acetone.  Whoever created it did one heck of an amazing job!  I’ve posted some really cool Doctor Who fingernail art in the past but I think this blows it away!

Being a big Van Gogh fan, I loved the whole exploding TARDIS Van Gogh painting thing so I am especially in love with this fingernail art.  If I could have nails like this, I would even paint mine even though I am a guy!

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Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Fingernail Art

Exploding TARDIS Fingernail Art

[via Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S.]

This Batman Sleeve Tattoo is Amazing!

Although I don’t see myself ever getting a tattoo, I am now a huge fan of well done tattoos even though I found them repulsive for most of my life.  Speaking of well done tattoos, I think I have found a rather incredible Batman tattoo you guys are going to love.

At the end of last year, I posted an incredible tattoo of Batman punching the Joker on one guys side.  Well, I have come across another incredible and extremely detailed Batman tattoo but this one is in the form of a sleeve tattoo rather than on somebody’s side.

I’m not sure who this lucky fellow is that got this amazing work of Batman comic book art tattooed on his arm but this was inked by Ian at Ian Ink Tattoo.  I’d say Ian is one heck of a talented tattoo artist!

The coloring and detail is amazing!  I can’t even imagine how long it took to make this sleeve but it was definitely worth it.

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Batman Sleeve Tattoo

Batman Comic Book Sleeve Tattoo

[Source:  Ian Ink Tattoo via Fashionably Geek]

Iron Man Cast Turns a Broken Wrist Into a Good Thing

I consider myself lucky to have gone the first 26 years of my life without breaking any bones.  Especially as a kid, it seemed like all of my friends broke something at one point or another whether it was an arm, leg or something as small as a finger.  I guess that was kind of the downside of the full contact basketball we used to play which pretty much had all the violence of hockey.

Well, speaking of broken bones, Reddit user Brettman3 got bored of the plain old white cast he was sporting after breaking his wrist so he decided to color it to make it look like Iron Man’s suit.

I think it turned out pretty cool and this is definitely what I would consider taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.  However, if he really wanted to make this super cool, I think a cluster of LEDs in his palm would make this the coolest cast ever!

Have you ever broken a bone and done something cool with the cast like this?  If so, I want to hear your tale in the comments below and feel free to share pictures if you have them!

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Iron Man Wrist Cast

Iron Man Arm Cast

[Source:  Reddit]

Amazing Hand Painted 10th and 11th Doctor Converse Chucks [pic]

For as much as people seem to like them, I have just never had any desire to try on a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers.  I have seen some people make some incredible works of art on them like the Yoda Chucks I posted in the past as well as the really cool Street Fighter sneakers but I guess I just have a hard time convincing myself to change shoe brands.  Considering I order my shoes online where I really don’t have the opportunity to try other kinds like I would in a store, it makes me hesitant to try something other than my beloved New Balance.  Anyway…

Speaking of hand painted Chucks, the fantastic artist over at Bobs Made created this fantastic looking hand painted 10th and 11th Doctor Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.  Whether you are a Matt Smith fan, a David Tennant fan or just a lover of the color blue, I think you are going to love these shoes!

If they sold Doctor Who shoes like this where I get my shoes online (Zappos), then I might be willing to venture out of my comfort zone and try a different brand of shoes.  Until that happens, I guess I will be sticking with New Balance and just loving shoes like these from afar.

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Doctor Who Chucks

Doctor Who Chuck Taylor Sneakers Who

[via Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S]

This Nintendo Sleeve Tattoo is Awesome! [pic]

Since the young age of 2, I have been playing video games.  While I spent a good bit of my childhood dropping quarters at the local arcade, most of my gaming was done on Nintendo consoles like the NES.  So its pretty safe to say there is a special place in my heart for old Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros (which I still play almost daily 23 years later) and the Legend of Zelda.

While I may have a huge love for old Nintendo games and blog about it on occasion, there is one cool guy that prefers to wear his love for old Nintendo games on his sleeve.  He even went so far as to get a Nintendo tattoo sleeve!

This awesome Nintendo sleeve tattoo belongs to Johan Jonk Stenström.  It was inked by the obviously talented tattoo artist Mina at Hawk and Sparrows and the picture was taken by Lisa.

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Gaming Sleeve Tattoo

Nintendo Sleeve Tattoo

[Source:  Johan Jonk Stenström via So Geek Chic]

Amazing Harley Quinn Body Paint [pics]

Although I occasionally come across some body paint that is very well done, I am generally not a huge fan of it compared to actual clothes.  I suppose some guys like it because you are basically looking at a naked lady but with the paint covering everything up, it just doesn’t do it for me.  However, this is one of those times when the body paint is beyond amazing!

This spectacular Harley Quinn body paint is being sported by Abby Tymchakers for Joey D’s (the photographer) upcoming 2013 body paint calender.  I’ve never considered buying a body paint calender before but this Harley Quinn body paint (done by Allyson Averell) is so good that I might just buy one!

When I hear that the calender has gone on sale, I will update this post for anybody interested in buying one.

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Harley Quinn Body Paint Cosplay

Harley Quinn Body Paint

Harley Quinn Body Paint Cosplay

Harley Quinn Body Paint

Harley Quinn Body Paint Cosplay

Harley Quinn Body Paint

[Source:  GeekXGirls]

Harley Quinn Fingernail Art [pic]

Fashion isn’t just about clothes and cosplay, but it can also be about fingernail art too!  In this particular car, one Batman fan decided to sport some fantastic Harley Quinn fingernail art!

The Nailasaurus created this awesome Harley Quinn fingernail art and it looks awesome!  One fingernail is the image of the cartoon version of Harley Quinn from the animated series while the others are Harley’s trademark black and red patterns.  I’ve seen some great fingernail art in the past, but I think this is one of my favorites.  I bet it took a super steady hand to make this look this good.  I am impressed!

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Harley Quinn Fingernail Art

Harley Quinn Fingernail Art

[Source:  The Nailasaurus via Fashionably Geek]

Paper Mario VANS Shoes [pic]

As much as I love all things Super Mario Bros, I have yet to ever play one of the Paper Mario games.  One of these days I will get around to trying them, but until then, I can admire these custom Paper Mario VANS shoes!

These custom painted Paper Mario VANS shoes were created by Off The Wall Art.  I am extremely impressed with how these turned out!  I don’t know how much Off The Wall Art charges for custom shoes, but from browsing their Facebook page, it looks like you can get a pair of custom shoes like these from them!  I’m actually quite tempted to have them make me a pair of these even if I am not a fan of Van’s sneakers.

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Custom Paper Mario Vans Shoes

Custom Paper Mario Vans Shoes

[Source:  Off The Wall Art via it8bit]