Incredible Deadpool Eye Makeup

With the Deadpool movie coming out this month, I thought it was only appropriate to post this absolutely amazing Deadpool eye makeup art when I saw it.  I have to admit that unlike most comic book characters like Batman, Superman, Thor, Spider-man, ect, I know absolutely nothing about Deadpool.  Deadpool has never had the cultural impact that some of the bigger names have had so I’ve never had much interest into looking into the character but now that the movie is coming out and after seeing this stunning Deadpool eye art, I think I’m going to have to make time to catch myself up and find out just what all the fuss is about.  Anyway, lets talk about this Deadpool makeup art rather than my comic book ignorance.

This incredibly detailed Deadpool eye makeup art was created by Tal Peleg.  She is obviously incredibly talented when it comes to doing beautiful things with makeup and if you want to see more of her amazing work, I HIGHLY suggest checking out her Instagram account.

If you’d like to see some of the other amazing eye makeup we have posted in the past, I suggest checking out the Spider-Man eye makeup I’ve posted or the Riddler eye makeup from a couple of years ago.

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Deadpool Eye Makeup Art

Deadpool Eye Makeup Art

[Source:  Tal Peleg via Fashionably Geek]

COWABUNGA! This TMNT Comic Tee is totally tubular and as low as $10!

Despite being a life long fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I have absolutely no desire to see Michael Bay’s hideous incarnation of them and passed up the opportunity to see the new movie this weekend in favor of Guardians of the Galaxy (which was a pretty good movie and worth seeing in 3D).  While the new movie doesn’t appeal to me, I will always love the old school TMNT I grew up with!

I can’t say I ever read the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books, but I loved the cartoons and played the crap out of the NES TMNT games.  Speaking of those old turtles, if you loved them, I found the perfect shirt for you!

The old school Turtles lovers over at are selling this awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book t-shirt for as low as $10!  The shirt is $10 for sizes of XL and smaller and then the price goes up to $14 or $16 for sizes larger than that.  To make the shirt look like one of the old comics, it even features a price and volume number.

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TMNT Comic T-Shirt

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic T-Shirt


This Batman Sleeve Tattoo is Amazing!

Although I don’t see myself ever getting a tattoo, I am now a huge fan of well done tattoos even though I found them repulsive for most of my life.  Speaking of well done tattoos, I think I have found a rather incredible Batman tattoo you guys are going to love.

At the end of last year, I posted an incredible tattoo of Batman punching the Joker on one guys side.  Well, I have come across another incredible and extremely detailed Batman tattoo but this one is in the form of a sleeve tattoo rather than on somebody’s side.

I’m not sure who this lucky fellow is that got this amazing work of Batman comic book art tattooed on his arm but this was inked by Ian at Ian Ink Tattoo.  I’d say Ian is one heck of a talented tattoo artist!

The coloring and detail is amazing!  I can’t even imagine how long it took to make this sleeve but it was definitely worth it.

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Batman Sleeve Tattoo

Batman Comic Book Sleeve Tattoo

[Source:  Ian Ink Tattoo via Fashionably Geek]

Iron Man Cast Turns a Broken Wrist Into a Good Thing

I consider myself lucky to have gone the first 26 years of my life without breaking any bones.  Especially as a kid, it seemed like all of my friends broke something at one point or another whether it was an arm, leg or something as small as a finger.  I guess that was kind of the downside of the full contact basketball we used to play which pretty much had all the violence of hockey.

Well, speaking of broken bones, Reddit user Brettman3 got bored of the plain old white cast he was sporting after breaking his wrist so he decided to color it to make it look like Iron Man’s suit.

I think it turned out pretty cool and this is definitely what I would consider taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.  However, if he really wanted to make this super cool, I think a cluster of LEDs in his palm would make this the coolest cast ever!

Have you ever broken a bone and done something cool with the cast like this?  If so, I want to hear your tale in the comments below and feel free to share pictures if you have them!

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Iron Man Wrist Cast

Iron Man Arm Cast

[Source:  Reddit]

Impressive Mary Jane Cosplay [pic]

When it comes to cosplay, you almost never see comparison pictures of the cosplay next to the original.  Well, you do in this case and it makes this Mary Jane cosplay ever cooler!

Stacy of Gotham is the awesome cosplayer striking the pose in this impressive Mary Jane cosplay picture.

Since this is a rare occasion where the cosplay picture is compared to the original, how about we play a little game?  Lets see who can list the most number of differences between the pictures in the comments below!  I will get you started with two differences that are pretty obvious, the lack of the table in the cosplay picture and the position of her left foot is different compared to the original.  Now your turn!

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Mary Jane Cosplay

Mary Jane Cosplay Comparison

[Source:  Stacy of Gotham via Geeks are Sexy]

Awesome Harley Quinn Cosplay [pic]

I’m not really sure I can put my finger on why, but Harley Quinn has always been my favorite character from the Batman universe.  Perhaps, it is because she inspires some awesome cosplay like the one in the picture below!

DeviantART user Lie-chee is the person sporting the awesome Harley Quinn cosplay in this picture which was photographed by fellow DeviantART user cannedcolors.  I would say this Harley Quinn cosplay turned out pretty good!  I think even Batman would be impressed!

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Harley Quinn Cosplay

Harley Quinn Cosplay

[via Cosplay Blog]

Stunning Cardboard Iron Man Suit Looks Real [pic]

If nobody had told me, I would have absolutely never guessed that this very impressive looking Iron Man suit was made out of cardboard.

Mark Pearson, an Iron Man fan from West Yorkshire spent 14 months making this spectacular Iron Man suit out of an ashtray and 400 sheets of fiberglass covered cardboard.  Ironically, this Iron Man cosplay doesn’t even fit Mark!  It fits his 6′ 2″ friend Darren Higgins instead which seems to be a lot of work to put into a suit you don’t even get to wear.  At least it looks like it was worth all of the effort!

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Iron Man Suit Cosplay Made with Cardboard

Iron Man Suit Cosplay Made with Cardboard

Cardboard Iron Man Cosplay and Creator Mark Pearson

Cardboard Iron Man Cosplay and Creator Mark Pearson

[via Fashionably Geek]

Steampunk Flash Cosplay [pic]

Having never really given comic books a chance, I can’t say I know much about the Flash besides his iconic image and amazing speed but if there are two things I am quite familiar with, they are cosplay and steampunk.  Well, apparently one guy knows about steampunk, cosplay and the Flash judging by this awesome picture.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who this guy is (so if you know, please let us know in the comments so I can give them credit), but I have to admit that they did a fantastic job with this steampunk Flash cosplay.

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Steampunk Flash Cosplay

Steampunk Flash Cosplay

[via Fashionably Geek]

Batman Arkham City Cosplay [pics]

I’ve seen some pretty impressive Batman cosplay in the past but I don’t think I have seen any that looks this good with this level of detail.  Everybody seems to be loving the new Batman: Arkham City game and apparently one guy loved it so much that he went and made him a costume so he can look exactly like Batman from the game.  To say that the result is spectacular is an understatement.  For more pictures of this amazing cosplay, hit up the via link at the bottom below the pictures.

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Batman Arkham City Cosplay

Batman Arkham City Cosplay

Batman Arkham City Cosplay Action Shot

Batman Arkham City Cosplay Action Shot

[via Geeks are Sexy]