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Ever since I quit wearing a watch, haven’t been one for wearing anything around my wrists.  While I don’t mind wearing something around my wrist, one of the many reasons I stopped wearing a watch was because I didn’t like it plucking at the hair on my arms (I wore it kind of high on my arm because I liked it tight so it wouldn’t flop around) which means the bracelet below would definitely not be for me since it looks like it would be worse than my watch in that respect.  However, as a big Zelda fan, I really love this bracelet!

Etsy seller ShinyThingsbyOrin is selling this Legend of Zelda inspired Pillars of the Triforce bracelet for just $40.  While it may not be right for me because of my arm hair pluckage issues, I think that one of you needs to be the proud owner of this awesome Triforce bracelet!

I know guys don’t normally wear stuff like this but I think even some Zelda loving guys could pull this off.

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Legend of Zelda Triforce Bracelet

Legend of Zelda Pillars of Triforce Bracelet

[Source:  Etsy]