This Star Trek Ring Boldly Goes Where No Ring Has Gone Before

When I see rings like the one below, it really makes me wish that I could stand to wear rings.  Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t like to have anything on my fingers.  It doesn’t feel comfortable for me and it just seems like it is getting in the way.  However, the main reason why I don’t wear any kind of ring and never will is because I have a fear that once I put it on, I will never be able to get it off.  I guess I have just seen too many people with rings that have had their fingers fatten up to the point that they couldn’t take the ring off if they wanted to and I don’t want to be one of those people.  But, just because I will never wear a ring, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate cool ones when I see them and this Star Trek engagement ring is definitely one of the coolest ones I have seen!

This stunning Star Trek inspired ring was made by the very talented jewelry designer Paul Michael of Paul Michael Designs.  And, if you happen to be looking for that perfect ring to propose to that special Star Trek fan in your life, you are in luck because this ring is available for sale!

You can get this awesome Star Trek engagement ring over on Etsy for as little as $595.  Of course, depending on your choice of metal used and whether you want a diamond or topaz stone, it can go as high as $3,890.

If you decide to boldly go and propose with this awesome ring, send some pictures to us because we would love to share your story!

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Star Trek Engagement Ring

Star Trek Engagement Ring

[Source:  Paul Michael Designs]

This Geordi La Forge VISOR Ring Would Look Great On Your Finger

I don’t watch Star Trek: The Next Generation as often as I should as at most I will watch 2 or 3 episodes a week when it is on BBC America on Saturday afternoons, but I still love the show (DS9 is my favorite) and Geordi La Forge is definitely one of my favorite characters.  Knowing how popular he is and how iconic his VISOR has become, I had a feeling you guys would flip out over this awesome Geordi La Forge VISOR ring I stumbled across yesterday.

Etsy seller eyephoriadesign is selling this fantastic TNG inspired Geordi La Forge VISOR ring for just $69.99!  The ring is made of sterling silver with 24K gold plated accents and apparently it is made using some sort of 3D printing technology.

However, if dollars isn’t how you want to pay, the seller also accepts Bitcoin and offers a 5% discount when paying with it.  Normally I probably wouldn’t mention something like that but this is the first time I have ever seen an Etsy seller accept Bitcoin as payment.

If you are looking for a new ring and you happen to be a big Star Trek: TNG fan, then this is the ring you have been looking for!

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Star Trek Geordi La Forge VISOR Ring

Geordi La Forge VISOR Ring

Star Trek: The Next Generation Geordi La Forge Ring

Geordi La Forge VISOR Ring

Geordi La Forge VISOR Ring

Geordi La Forge VISOR Ring in a Box

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]

Batman and Harley Quinn Themed Custom Engagement Ring

It never ceases to amaze me just how romantic some geeks can be and the lengths they will go to when they propose to that special someone in their life.  I’ve seen elaborate proposals and some pretty cool rings and this definitely qualifies as a pretty sweet engagement ring!  In the past, I have featured a cool Portal Companion Cube engagement ring and an absolutely stunning Legend of Zelda engagement ring but when it comes to simple, classy and elegant, this Batman and Harley Quinn ring is perhaps my favorite.

This awesome Batman and Harley Quinn ring was designed by Daniel Maffett for his fiancée and made by Tom Sayers of Sayers Jewelers.  The design is very well done in my opinion and I love the end result!

Here is what Daniel had to say about the ring and his proposal.

“My goal going into this design was to create a ring that was traditionally elegant and sleek but represented my fiancé and I. Comic books are a big part of us and her favorite is obviously Batman and her favorite character is Harley Quinn,” says Daniel. Delivering the ring was the couple’s dog who proudly carried it in a sack of coal to Daniel’s fiancé.

Congrats to Daniel and his bride to be!

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Batman and Harley Quinn Ring

Batman and Harley Quinn Engagement Ring

Batman and Harley Quinn Engagement Ring

Batman and Harley Quinn Ring

[via Geekologie]

Star Wars I Love You, I Know, Ring Tattoos

In the past, I have made mention of the fact that I am not one who cares for wearing rings.  In fact, it drives me crazy!  I’d be lying if I said that I’m not a little worried about ring wearing thing if I ever get married some day.  I suppose I could do like the awesome couple below did but I’m not sure I am any more fond of the idea of getting a tattoo either.  However, I think this couple did come up with a pretty cool ring tattoo idea.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who the awesome and super geeky couple is whose hands are in the picture below but I think they may have found the ultimate way for one Star Wars fan to show another Star Wars fan just how much they love them.  These awesome Star Wars tattoo rings feature the iconic lines from Han and Leia right before Han is frozen in carbonite and they even feature a lightsaber and the Death Star.

This couple definitely hasn’t been looking for love in Alderaan places.

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Star Wars Ring Tattoos

Star Wars Ring Tattoos

[Via Fashionably Geek]

Star Trek Klingon Imperial Coat of Arms Bat’leth Ring [pic]

I have been a big Star Trek fan most of my life and I think I would have to say my favorite alien race on the show has to be the Klingons.  While I don’t share their taste in food (I prefer my food to not be moving when I eat it) I have been known to curse in Klingon on occasion and have the dream of having a Klingon wedding one day.

With as much as I like the Klingons, you would think I would be reaching for my credit card at the sight of this awesome Klingon ring below.  However, not being a fan of jewelry, I think I am going to pass.  However, if you like wearing rings and love Klingons, I suggest you get one!

Etsy seller Sterling925Silver is selling this awesome Star Trek Klingon Imperial Coat of Arms Bat’leth ring for $86.  This Klingon ring is handmade from sterling silver and you can get it in sizes 4-16.

No Klingon warrior should be without this ring!

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Klingon Ring

Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Ring

[Source:  Etsy]

Custom NES Cartridge Rings Are Perfect for Any Finger [pic]

I can honestly say I have never met anybody like me in that I refuse to wear any sort of ring.  Even when I was in high school, I think I was the only one who didn’t order a class ring just because I find wearing something like that around my fingers to be annoying in the same way that nails on a chalkboard are annoying.  It is hard to really explain my dislike of rings but I see no possible way to convince me to wear one.  That said, if I ever lost my mind and decided to wear one, it would have to be one of these amazing NES cartridge rings!

Etsy seller ohmygeekness is selling these amazing custom NES cartridge rings for just $16!  While I would certainly be happy with either Super Mario Bros or the Legend of Zelda cartridge (if I wore a ring), you can have any game made for you!

I suppose if I had to wear a ring and got one of these, I would probably go with DuckTales or Battletoads.  It would be a tough call to make and luckily I don’t have to make it!

If you loved NES games and decide to get one of these rings, I would love to hear what game you chose in the comments below.

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NES Cartridge Ring

Legend of Zelda NES Cartridge Ring

Super Mario Bros NES Cartridge Rings

Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt NES Cartridge Ring

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]

Portal Companion Cube Engagement Ring [pic]

When it comes to geeky engagement rings, I have seen a bunch of them ranging from the Doctor Who’s TARDIS to one that looks like the Stargate from the Stargate shows, but nothing quite says will you be my companion for the rest of my life quite like a Portal Companion Cube engagement ring!

The clearly awesome folks over at bmf jewelry have posted a bunch of pictures of how this awesome Portal Companion Cube engagement ring was created over on Custom Made.  Whether you are a Portal fan or not, the pictures are still worth checking out if you are curious how rings like this are made.

The cake might be a lie, but this Companion Cube engagement ring isn’t!

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Companion Cube Engagement Ring

Portal Companion Cube Engagement Ring

[Source:  Custom Made via Geekologie]