Amazing Diablo III Female Demon Hunter Cosplay [pic]

One of my favorite PC games from last year was Diablo III.  I hadn’t played any of the other Diablo games prior to playing it so I can’t say I am some sort of Diablo fanatic, but I did really enjoy Diablo III.  I found it to be one of the more challenging games I have played lately and it looked quite good.  Speaking of Diablo III and looking good, I found some spectacular looking female Demon Hunter cosplay!

Cosplayer and DeviantART user SpcatsTasha is the girl in this picture sporting some stunning female Demon Hunter cosplay from Diablo III.  I’d say her costume and crossbow are quite impressive.  The photography is pretty good too which was taken by somebody by the name of Sinme.

I think if she teamed up with the female Barbarian cosplayer I posted last week and the female wizard cosplayer I posted back in October, they might have a chance at defeating the Diablo cosplayer I posted a year ago.

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Demon Hunter Cosplay

Diablo III Female Demon Hunter Cosplay

[via Cosplay Blog]

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